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Types of fever

Types of fever, precautions and some homely remedies

The common symptom of fever is high temperature but remember you have to pay attention if you or any of your family members suffer from fever. Because the symptom may be common but the cause is different. There are so many types of viruses; each of them causes different kinds of diseases along with this fever symptom. Here we try to provide you the most basic information regarding various types of fever along with some home remedies to prevent or cure. Hope this will help our readers to gather knowledge to prevent themselves from infectious diseases. And another thing we like to advise you that consult with a physician is always be a first preference.



Influenza is an infectious disease, it caused by a type of virus called influenza virus A, virus B or virus C. This sickness is also most commonly called as flu. This virus spreads through the air from coughs or sneezes mainly. When a person infected and got sick, he or she would be infectious to others.


The symptoms of Influenza could be mild or sometimes very severe. Most common symptoms are:

# High fever
# Runny nosean
# Sore throat
# Muscle pain
# Headache
# Coughing
# Tiredness
# Dry cough
# Throat pain
# Irritated, redness or watering eyes

These common symptoms are beginning within two days after infection and could be last almost one week time.


It is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) to take the Influenza Vaccine for high-risk groups peoples i.e. older persons, children, the persons who have diabetes, heart disease or asthma.


Generally no need to go for any investigation but sometimes C.F.T. investigation can help detect the fever.


Influenza cured if patients take proper rest and take Paracetamol group medicine. Also patients should drink lots of water, avoid alcohol and tobacco. For children and teenagers it is better not to take aspirin to protect Reye's syndrome (a rare but very fatal disease of the liver). But if patient got other infections it is mandatory to take advice from physician and take antibiotic.

Some homely remedies that helps to relief from flue:

Drink plenty of liquids: drinking around eight glasses of liquid i.e. water, juices etc. to thin the thickness of mucus. So patient will feel much better and it reduces illness also. It would be best to drink tolerable hot liquids.

Hot shower: taking a hot shower is very helpful to relief from flu. Hot water in bathroom makes hot air, that open the humidifying both head and chest, clear the mucus from there.

Take soaks heat: if patient feels sore inside head and cannot breathe properly, breathing through tolerable warm water may help to reduce those uneasiness.

Take some soup: if patient feeling pain to gulp, try to take a bowl of chicken soup with ginger, pepper, curry powder and garlic. It thins the mucus inside the mouth, nose or lungs.

Take spicy foods: eating spicy foods help increase the body immune system and reduce the bad feeling due to flu.

Attention: Consult with a doctor is first preference then should consider the home remedies.


Malaria is a type of fever 

Malaria is a type of fever; it is infected by female mosquito called Anopheles. This fever infects the red blood cells. The parasite which causes this fever is transmitted by mosquitoes in mostly tropical or subtropical regions. The name of that parasite is called Plasmodium parasite. When a person is infected by this parasite and has malaria he or she is being the career of the fever to other persons.


It will take 8 to 25 days to be seen the signs and symptoms of malaria fever. But it may take some more time to observe the symptoms who have taken anti medication to prevent malaria. The most common symptom is fever which is most likely flu. Other symptoms are:

# Headache
# Sepsis
# High or mild fever
# Shivering
# Vomiting tendency
# Anemia
# Joint pain

Sever symptoms are observed within 9 to 30 days. The symptoms are related to neurological; those are abnormal posturing, conjugate gaze palsy (failure to open both eyes together to the same direction), seizures or coma.


Using insect killer to eliminate the mosquitoes is the best prevention. A highly population density area might be a suitable place to grow anopheles mosquitoes which could spread malaria to the peoples living in those areas. So, eliminate the mosquito helps a lot. It is more cost effective than treatment also. If possible keep all the windows and doors closed. If the air conditioner is not available, use mosquito net.  An interesting method called ABCD could be very effective way to prevent malaria. Those are:

# Awareness of risk
# Bite prevention
# Checking whether you need malaria prevention medicine
# Diagnosis


Malaria parasites could be detected examining through microscope from patient’s blood. It is called as Rapid Diagnostic Test (RTD). 


Malaria is completely treatable disease. Prevention is first step to avoid malaria but if prevention is failed and someone got malaria, it is highly recommended taking advice from any physician/doctor first. The Plasmodium parasite should be eliminating from blood through some antimalarial medicine such as chloroquine, quinine etc.

Some homely remedies that helps to relief from malaria:

Alum Powder: A teaspoon of alum powder could be taken before four hours of fever attack and half teaspoon after two hours will give a huge relief to patient.

Chirayata: Chirayata is an excellent remedy for malaria. Taking 15 grams of chirayata into 250 ml of water along with 2 cloves and some cinnamon, then boiling all of those will reduce the temperature. This remedy should be taken twice a day with one or two teaspoon each time.

Lime and lemon: Lime and lemon are another great remedy to reduce malaria fever. Mixing 5-6 drops of lime, squeeze all the liquid of a lemon into one glass of water is very helpful to get relief from malaria fever.

Holy Basil: Holy Basil is one of the best remedy to prevent malaria. Eleven grams of holy basil mixing with two or three grams of black pepper powder could be consumed daily when patient suffer fever with cold. It is very beneficial.

Cinnamon: Another great remedy is Cinnamon. Boiling one teaspoon of cinnamon powder with a glass of water then mix some honey, pinch of pepper and take it every day is most effective to reduce malaria.

Grapefruit: Grapefruit is very effective home remedy for malaria. Taking grapefruit daily is work like quinine to reduce this fever.

Attention: Consult with a doctor is first preference then should consider the home remedies.  



Filariasis sometimes called as Philariasis is kinds of fever, this disease is infected by a worm. The name of that worm is Wuchereria bancrofti. There are two other worms causes this disease, they are Brugia malayi and Brugia timori. Mainly Culex Mosquito bite is help spreading this worm into human body. Then the worms transmit the disease. If this disease is not treated then it builds enlargement of the limbs and genitalia which looks like elephant’s skin so it is called as Elephantiasis.


Symptoms might be begun three months to one year after mosquito bite, that symptom is fever. Others are:

Symptoms might be begun three months to one year after mosquito bite, that symptom is fever. Others are:

# Chills
# Headache
# Swelling
# Redness
# Pain in the arms, legs or scrotum
# Pus might be seen in the area where the worm dies
# Secondary bacterial infection also is seen.


The best option to prevent Filariasis is avoiding mosquito bites. Blood should be examined periodically. Instead of these, peoples should follow bellow steps for prevention:

# Stay in air-conditioned house where mosquito can’t enter

# If air-condition is not available then should use mosquito net

# Outdoor activities at night time in rural or jungle areas should be limited.

# Dark colored clothes attract mosquitoes, so those clothes must be avoided.

# Stop using perfumes and colons when staying in infected places.


This disease can be detected by laboratory test called Circulating Antigen Detection (FCA). It can also be tested by blood or Lymph Node Culture.


Recently World Health Organization (WHO) recommend Mass Drug Administration (MDA) for Filariasis if it is in severe stage i.e. onchocerciasis and lymphatic Filariasis. Previously it is treated by using diwithile carbamazepine group medicine as advised of a medical doctor.

Some homely remedies that helps to relief from Filariasis:

Ginger: Ginger mixed juice is very helpful for this disease.

Garlic: Taking raw Garlic Cloves will reduce this disease.

Butterfly Pea: It is called as Clitoria Ternatea. Grinding the root of Butterfly Pea, make a paste using salt. Then apply this into swelling area is very helpful to reduce Filariasis infection.

Bel Tree Leaf:Bel tree leafs might be very helpful to cure this disease by taking 7 to 10 leafs every early morning.

Attention: Consult with a doctor is first preference then should consider the home remedies.

Black Fever

rwur_black fever

This fever is also known as Leishmaniasis. In Asia region it is called as Kala Azar, Kala mean black and Azar means fever. Infected person’s body seems black while suffering from this fever that’s why it’s called Kala Azar.  It is infected by a Protozoa named Leishmania Donovani. An insect called Sand Fly is the main career of these protozoa. This fever is turn into deadly if not treated properly.


Skin sores or ulcer has been seen at the place of body where the fly bites. It affects the immune system if patient is not treated at right time. Usually it takes two months to begin the symptoms. Some most common symptoms are:

# Gray or ashen skin
# Liver enlarge
# Night sweat
# Reducing appetite
# Loss of weight
# Child patient might vomiting, get diarrhea or cough
# High fever
# Feeling fatigue
# Feeling weakness etc.


Still there is no vaccine to be used against Leishmaniasis or Kala Azar fever. Avoiding bites from the sand fly is best prevention to escape from this deadly fever. Peoples who are living in rural areas or the places are suitable to grow up sand fly should wear long sleeves and long pants to prevent the bites. Also it should be used mosquito net at night time. It’s better to close the doors and windows before evening so that the flies can’t enter the house.


Kala Azar or Leishmaniasis is diagnosed through several ways. Clinically, if the fever is persists more than two weeks and not cured with taking antibiotic and antimalarials drugs. It is diagnosed through some laboratory tests also; such as Direct Agglutination Test (DAT), rapid test dipstick and ELISA etc. Through bone marrow/spleen/lymphnode aspiration or in culture medium are also very effective diagnostics to detect Kala Azar or Leishmaniasis.


You'll find different treatment plans readily available for Kala Azar or Leishmaniasis, with diverse usefulness in addition to uncomfortable side effects. Pentavalent antimonials tend to be the primary series group of drug treatments, presented being a one month course of intramuscular treatments.

Though antimonials are quite toxic in addition to provide a new danger in order to patients acquiring treatment, those who're healed for Kala Azar typically acquire defenses for a lifetime. Analysts hope to identify strategies to shorten treatment routines, boost his or her security, in addition to slow up the danger associated with substance opposition.

Some homely remedies that helps to relief from Leishmaniasis:

Vegetables: Eating lots of vegetables are so much beneficial for curing this fever. It increases immune system and help to destroy the protozoa.

Rainforest Herbs: Taking rainforest herbs with tea is very effective.

Colloidal Silver: Colloidal Silver solution is another beneficial herb to cure from Kala Azar fever. It is too toxic that helps reduce sores.

Turmeric Curcumin: Turmeric Curcumin could be beneficial to destroy the parasite which causes this fever.

Attention: Consult with a doctor is first preference then should consider the home remedies.




Chickenpox is a very common disease generally gets at the very childhood stage. But somebody also gets it at older stage. A virus called varicella-zoster virus (VZV) is main career for this disease. Chickenpox is very infectious disease. Whenever any person is infected with this virus and got the disease, there is highly possibility to infect the other family members who never had this disease before. Usually any person infected with this virus once in his/her lifetime. It is a kind of fever with itchy rashes all over the body.


When anybody infected with this virus he or she feels like fever along with headache and mild pain in whole body. These symptoms last one or two days with the fever of 101 to 102 degree Fahrenheit. Sore throat and stomachache are other symptoms. Then red itchy rashes appear on face, back and abdomen first and gradually spreads whole body.


Vaccination is the main prevention. Every kid should take vaccine twice time that is recommended by physicians. First dose is to be taken at the age of 12 to 15 months and the second dose is at the age of 4 to 6 years.


There is no need to investigate regarding chickenpox actually. It is very easy to diagnose this disease by observing the fever along with the rashes. These rashes are very much different than other types of rashes which causes by insects bite or other reasons. If somebody never had chickenpox before and not sure if he or she has this disease might go for a blood test. This test is for checking his/her antibodies which helps to detect whether he/she has chickenpox or not.


The good news is there is actually no treatment against Chickenpox. It will be cured naturally. Patient should take proper rest and not to go out from home at least two weeks. If patient has high fever or feeling pain he or she should take medicine for fever and take pain killer such as Paracetamol. It is recommended by medical physician not to give aspirin to kid patient. Pregnant patients must consult with their physician to take any medicine specially pain killer. Drinking plenty of water is very helpful. It is strongly recommend not scratching the rashes. It will cause permanent spot after recovering from Chickenpox.

Some homely remedies that helps to relief from Chickenpox:

Cool Bath: Taking a cool bath with mixing backing sods, uncooked oatmeal gives a great relief.

Calamine lotion: Calamine lotion is reduces itchy feeling if applying on the spots.

Indian lilac (margosa): Applying Indian lilac (margosa) on the rashes give relief from uneasy feeling or itches. It is best to make a paste and apply on the rashes.

Pure Honey: Apply pure honey on the rashes could reduce itchy feelings and remove the spots.

Brown Vinegar: To prevent scar, brown vinegar is most effective remedy. It also reduces skin irritation.

Carrot & Coriander Soup: Make soup with carrot and coriander is highly beneficial to heal Chickenpox. Drink this soup once in a day is most effective.

Attention: Consult with a doctor is first preference then should consider the home remedies.